Animal rescuer wants justice after driver laughingly runs over dog

Animal rescuer wants justice after driver laughingly runs over dog

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Sarah McDonald is still disgusted and still wants answers after what happened to her and her foster dog, Jack, on a residential road outside Eutawville, Training Road, last Friday night.

"We were walking about right here," McDonald said, as she walked along the quiet dirt road Thursday morning. "It was Jack and one other dog."

Out of nowhere, a couple of stray dogs cornered them.

"The dogs did start to come at Jack, and the safest thing for him was me letting go of the leash," she said.

But what happened next caught her completely by surprise.

She says an unknown driver - possibly in a Buick - gunned it down the dirt road and swerved toward the foster dog and her and ran the dog, Jack, over.

"They did turn in the road to hit Jack. They moved over to the side where they were running, and then they kept that speed to where they pulled up to me and stopped. They had all four windows down. There were four males in the cars, and quite audibly I yelled, 'Are you serious? You hit the dog!' And they just laughed and pulled away," McDonald said. "It just broke my heart to see that somebody would just take that opportunity to hurt an innocent animal."

Surprisingly, Jack survived with just a broken femur and is on the rebound. Meanwhile, McDonald is urging the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office to track down the people responsible.

"Understandably, accidents happen, but this was absolutely not an accident," she said.

McDonald said, since she first spoke with a deputy last week, she hasn't heard much about her case's progress. However, according to an incident report, deputies have identified someone they hope to contact. They tracked that person down using a plate number McDonald gave them. No word yet on if they've made contact with that person or not.

The dog belongs to the Lakeside Animal Rescue, which says Jack should have a forever home within the next several months.

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