Crews prepare to raise B-25 bomber

(Lake Murray) Sept. 15, 2005 - The B-25 bomber will likely break the surface of Lake Murray Friday. Crews have been working 18 hour days to try and recover the plane since Saturday.

Thursday, which was tentatively set as the date for raising the craft, was spent setting up heavy equipment that will be used in the effort.

Many onlookers showed up at Lake Murray in the hopes of seeing the World War II bomber. Spectator Billy Cannon and his yorkie, "came over specifically to see this because we thought they were raising it today."

Cannon's dad and uncle fought in World War II and, "My mom was in the Navy in the Pacific."

He lives on the lake and collects B-25 paraphernalia, "That's a really historic thing, especially if it comes up in good condition."

But even when the plane comes up, onlookers will only see the very tip of the tail. They will not take the plane all the way out of the water out on the lake. First, it will be dragged back to shore.

The spectators say they might come back Friday, after all, the plane has been waiting 52 years at the bottom of Lake Murray.

Reported by Heather Brown

Posted 10:25pm by Chantelle Janelle