Bear seen swimming in Lake Wylie, crosses from NC to SC - - Columbia, South Carolina

Bear seen swimming in Lake Wylie, crosses from NC to SC

Credit: Johnny Burgess Jr. Credit: Johnny Burgess Jr.

You've probably heard the joke about the chicken crossing the road to get to the other side. Well, have you heard the joke about the bear jumping in the lake to get to other side? 

Guess what - it's not a joke!

A man who lives in Lake Wylie in York County says he first saw the bear on land near the Red Fez Shrine Club in Charlotte Saturday morning. Johnny Burgess Jr. claims he was following the bear when it noticed him. That's when the bear ran towards the water, according to Burgess. 

When Burgess was able to finally catch up with the bear, it was already approximately 100 yards out in the water, he says. 

Burgess says he and a family member then hopped on a boat and captured pictures! 

According to Burgess, the bear swam the entire length of the lake, starting in North Carolina and swimming to the South Carolina side of the lake.

Maybe the bear just wanted to cool off due to the scorching heat!  

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