American Airlines close to resolving computer glitch and returning to normal schedule

American Airlines continues to resolve a technical issue that caused hundreds of canceled flights, saying their computer systems are now stable.

Carrier PSA Airlines said in a statement that they have stabilized the computer systems and are working to reintroduce flying and get back to regular operations.

"We understand that these cancellations have been frustrating for our customers, and teams from PSA and American have been working around the clock to get things back to normal as quickly as possible," the PSA statement said. "We are rebooking passengers and American's Customer Relations department continues to reach out all affected customers."

American Airlines said earlier in the week that a glitch has been causing tie-ups at the terminals since Thursday. There were still canceled flights out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport as of Tuesday June 19. Passengers were originally left stranded in the beginning of the week. 

PSA will continue to operate on a reduced schedule over the next few days as it restores full service.

A computer hardware issue caused the airline to cancel more than 350 flights in and out of Charlotte. That's about a minimum of 70 a day.

Columbia Metropolitan Airport advises passengers to check their flights before heading to the airport.

Customers are encouraged to check their flight status on the American Airlines app or at

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