McMaster touts economy, Warren touts endorsements in SC Governor's race

(WIS) - Less than two weeks remain until voters head back to the polls to vote in the Republican runoff for Governor.

Each candidate spent Friday hoping to shore up support.

Today in the Upstate John Warren announced more endorsements from six of the top candidates running for retiring Rep. Trey Gowdy's House seat in the 4th Congressional District. Warren says the show of support — one day after Republican rivals Catherine Templeton and Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant endorsed him — prove the momentum is on his side and voters are ready for a change.

"I think what you're seeing is everyone is tired of the status quo," Warren stated. "Everyone on this stage has fought for conservative reforms in one way or another, and it's just the unification of wanting someone to go to Columbia and bring those conservative reforms to government in Columbia and fight for the taxpayer."

Governor McMaster appeared in Lexington today to tout positive economic numbers. His argument to voters is that experience counts, and he says it doesn't make sense to change leadership when the state's economy is picking up steam.

"The unemployment rate has dropped yet again from 4.2% in April to 4.0% in May and we expect that to keep going down," McMaster said in an appearance that also featured State Senator Katrina Shealy. "We've got more people working now than we've ever had before, but we still have about 60,000 great jobs out there that are looking for people."

Shealy endorsed the Governor earlier this week.

McMaster then launched into his familiar refrain on the campaign trail:

"When you have a winning team and you've got 6 billion new investments and 20,000 new jobs and growing every day and more people working than ever before, you don't fire the coach of a winning team," McMaster said. "You give him four more years and you keep on winning and that's what we intend to do."

John Warren has heard McMaster's argument before and crafted a response in his remarks today:

"Governor McMaster is saying 'We keep on winning, Don't change the coach,' but I'm here to tell you that, of all the South Carolinians in South Carolina, many are not winning," Warren said. "The only people that are truly winning are the special interests and the government insiders. We have got to have somebody go fight for the people."

The two Republican candidates will meet in a debate on Wednesday at the Newberry Opera House. WIS will have complete coverage on air and online.
The runoff is set for Tuesday, June 26th. Only those who voted in the Republican primary can vote in the runoff.

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