Thousands of firefighters and families train in Columbia at 'Fir - - Columbia, South Carolina

Thousands of firefighters and families train in Columbia at 'Fire Rescue 2018'

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This week, thousands of firefighters and their families will be in Columbia for a state-wide conference. They're here to be better trained in case you ever need help.

South Carolina Fire Rescue 2018 is put on by the South Carolina State Firefighters' Association. The action-packed training includes things that firefighters don't see every day, but the scenarios are necessary to know about nonetheless.

One exercise includes a car extraction where firefighters use battery powered tools to cut someone out of a car. This is called a side blow out, which is typically used on a patient with spinal injuries.

The tools have been around since the 70s and firefighters say it’s one of their key tools while out in the field.

“By being able to get them out fast, using the battery tools like we were using, it helps us get them to a trauma center fast- that way they can get into the right level of care," Retired Columbia Firefighter Robert Joyner said.  "So the faster we can employ, the faster we get the patient out and the better the victim survivability is going to be.”

The public is invited to climb the tallest office building in the state, alongside first responders. Registration is underway online for the stair climb at the capitol center building Saturday morning.

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