SC VOTES: Ahead of Primary, families divided on gubernatorial candidates

Ahead of Primary, families divided on gubernatorial candidates

(WIS) - On the South Carolina Primary's eve, families are divided based on who they plan to cast ballots for.

There are five Republican candidates for governor, three Democratic candidates. Yard signs decorated Columbia neighbors' lawns on Monday, on display for all passersby.

"I'm going to be voting for James Smith, because I think we need a change in this state starting with the state going all the way through the government," Connie Lacy said.

"[McMaster] has a very good overview as to what the governor can do and what his limits are going to be, and I think he would be a great governor. I think he's done a good job so far since he's been in there," Stan Lacy said.

The husband and wife say their votes will "cancel each other out" in the Tuesday primary. The unlikely couple is made up of one Democrat for James Smith and one Republican for Henry McMaster.

Meanwhile, there's a runoff brewing. According to late polls, incumbent Governor Henry McMaster doesn't have enough of a lead over Catherine Templeton and John Warren to avoid a runoff. Republican Strategist Joel Sawyer feels Warren has the momentum to enter the runoff with McMaster.

Sawyer says McMaster's weekend endorsement tweet from President Donald Trump is a tool in the belt. "Look, if you have a candidate who President Trump has flat out endorsed, that takes away the troubles of having to make the case that you are most like Trump," Sawyer said.

However, Democrats say the race isn't fixated on Trump ideals, and neither have Democratic candidates' messages been.

"It has not been an anti-Donald Trump message because I think the voters are more hungry and thirsty for something bigger than that," Democratic Strategist Antjuan Seawright said. "It's a message that resonates with everyday people, simply how to improve their quality of everyday life."

Seawright says James Smith is looking good over Marguerite Willis and Phil Noble as Democratic nominee, but many Democrats are undecided and so it's too soon to say.

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