Still getting spoof phone calls since the law passed in SC? There are steps you must take

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's happened to many of us. You get a phone call and the area code matches ours, so we pick-up and we've been spoofed!

It's some kind of sales call, or a robocall telling us we're in trouble with the law. There's a new law against it in South Carolina, but it requires you to act for an investigation to be launched on the spoofer.

There is a hotline to call to report suspected spoofing, for the caller to be fined and held accountable, but some are skeptical this will stop the calls.

"I have a 940- number, and this was the number that was calling me, a 940- number so of course, I answer this one because I thought maybe it was someone at work, and I need to answer it and of course it was nothing," spoofing victim Mona Taylor said.

State Rep. Rick Martin (R-Newberry) says the law is meant to punish spoofers and scammers.

"If someone breaks into your home and steals all of your belongings and you don't report it, well the sheriff's department, they can't investigate and try to track down the criminal," Martin said. "It's the same here."

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Martin says the department SHOULD contact your cell phone provider and trace the calls you got, and from there they SHOULD be able to find the true caller and fine them $5,000.

However, the Department of Consumer Affairs says there's currently not a system set-up to trace a number because the law is new. They hope to create a system. Some have been skeptical a law like this will work.

"If you have a two or three man IRS phone scam operation working out of a dirty back room somewhere in, you know, the Far East, it is unlikely those people have any fear that the long arm of the American justice system is going to reach across continents," E than Garr from said.

The Department of Consumer Affairs line to call is 1-800-922-1594 - they're looking for things like the number that called, the nature of the call, and when it happened.

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