Two hot car deaths seen in South Carolina this year

(WIS) - It's that time of year again when we see temperatures rising and the inside of our cars getting even hotter.

South Carolina has already seen two kids die due to hot car temperatures this year, one in Charleston and one in Greenville.

Across the nation, and average of 37 kids die every year from heat-related deathsThat's about one every 9 days.

However, 43 kids died from vehicle heat strokes in 2017.

One of those heat related deaths happened in Sumter County last August. The child involved in that incident was only 1 year old.

A lot of times, parents say they didn't think it was too hot.

A new study from Arizona State University and University of California San Diego shows that even if your car is in the shade, it doesn't take long to get deadly.

Left in the sun on a 100-degree day in Arizona, it took just an hour for the interior of a car to reach 116 degrees fahrenheit.

Dashboards heated up to 157 degrees and seats hit 123 degrees in that time.

A car left in the shade wasn't much better. Temperatures inside the car left in shade reached 100 degrees after one hour and seats were 105 degrees.

Here are some tips to help lower the odds of a child being left in the back seat:

  1. Keep a large stuffed animal in the child’s car seat. When you put the child in the seat, take the stuffed animal and put it in the front seat to visually remind you a child is in the back.
  2. Put something you'll need like your cell phone, employee ID, your purse in the back seat so you'll have to open the back door again.
  3. Never leave your children alone in or around cars, not even for a minute.

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