IHOP is changing their name and fans are wondering what it could 'b'!

Breakfast, biscuits, or everyone's favorite - Bacon. These are just three of the options being thrown around in the Twitterverse for what the new 'b' in IHOP's name is going to stand for.

The company tweeted out that after 60 years of going by the name IHOP, they will be "flippin'"  their name to IHOb. However, fans will have to wait until June 11 to find out what the new name stands for.

IHOP even created their own poll on Twitter with different options for what the 'b' could stand for including items such as butternut squash and barnacles.

They also retweeted a tweet from the Fox & Friends show, adding that the "blot thickens."

Fans from all over tweeted in their thoughts to the company with even other companies and celebrities getting in on the fun.

In all, the company remained tight-lipped on what the 'b' stands for and continued to tell fans to stay tuned until June 11 to find out the official answer.

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