Candlelight vigil held for 11-month-old Chesterfield County baby found in diaper box

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Chesterfield County community members gathered in front of the courthouse Wednesday, to remember the life of 11-month-old Harlee Lewis whose body was found in a field inside of a diaper box last week.

Community members came together in Harlee's memory, holding a candlelight vigil, while her mother continues to sit in jail as the prime suspect in Harlee's death.

"It's a helpless child. I just don't understand why someone would be so mean," Chesterfield County hair salon owner, Connie Cooper said.

Last week, 19-year-old Breanna Lewis told police she had been attacked and her daughter had been kidnapped.

"All our phones were going off at the same time about this Amber Alert," Cooper said.

But just hours later, Harlee's body was found in a plastic bag stuffed inside a diaper box. Police said Harlee's mother eventually admitted to making up the whole story about the kidnapping and is now considered the prime suspect.

"Even though you hear about this all the time – you hear about mothers doing this – you don't want to believe a mother could really do this," Chesterfield County resident, Christy Rump said.

Wednesday's candlelight vigil served as a reminder of all the good still within the community.

"Just in memory of this little who lost her life too soon, for whatever reason it was. I didn't know the family. I don't know the little girl, but I know if it was mine or my grandbaby, I would want all the community's support," Rump said.

Speakers at the vigil encouraged community members to, "take that anger and sadness that comes with death and use that to fuel a fire towards helping children in our community."

An autopsy has been performed, but officials have not yet released a cause of death for Harlee.

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