Irmo, SC mayor says 'truth is what truth is' when it comes to controversial social media posts

The post from Hardy King garnering national attention. The post appears to have been removed from his page. (Source: Facebook screenshots)
The post from Hardy King garnering national attention. The post appears to have been removed from his page. (Source: Facebook screenshots)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The mayor of Irmo, SC has garnered the attention of a national publication because of personal social media accounts that many are considering anti-Muslim.

Irmo Mayor Hardy King shared a post on June 4 that from a Facebook group called "America's Veterans are Loved" entitled "PERSPECTIVE." The post lists a number of global terrorist attacks and how the suspects were Muslim.

But when he responded Thursday to the attention of his posts he's going to "keep on trucking" and that he's not ashamed of the truth he's posted.

"I don't think anything I posted is false, I don't think it's inaccurate," King said. "If somebody wants to correct any of that stuff and send me a text or post it to my Facebook page that it's incorrect and not factual, then that's fine, we can debate that. But the truth is what truth is and if people don't like it, they don't like it."

King says despite the backlash from some, he's garnered a lot of support from Irmo residents. He also mentioned that he deleted posts from people that were "ridiculous and ignorant and asinine" but his posts remain visible.

"I am not concerned about the slack from a lot of people that I don't know and don't know me," King continued. "Evidently, people don't have a life and love to get on social media and troll and drool over stuff and get excited. But for the rest of us that have a life and have a living, we keep on trucking, we keep on moving, we keep on doing what we do. I am not ashamed of anything I put on there [Facebook] it's the truth if they don't like it, I'm sorry. I get offended by a lot of stuff liberals say, but I don't break down and cry about it."

The posts were made on the mayor's personal Facebook page that includes other conservative-leaning posts. The June 4 post no longer appears on his page.

"There's a lot of people who walk around with their panties up there...and they get hurt over anything. To those people, I'm sorry, I don't care," King said. "To most people who are intelligent, if [the] truth hurts, I can't help that either. I don't think it was offensive. It might be offensive to a terrorist. It might be offensive to an illegal immigrant, or alien, or whatever. So be it. Get offended, get over it, grow up, you know? That's all I can say."

He said all of his posts remain up, but he did receive a notification that one of his posts were deleted, but he wasn't sure.

When asked by The Daily Beast, a popular online news website many consider to be left-leaning, King was unapologetic about the posts, saying his posts "did not merit public concern, commenting sarcastically 'like it's your business, or somebody's...'"

"I'm sure the article isn't going to do any good anyway," The Daily Beast quotes King as saying, "and I don't know who's going to read it here, and I'm sure it's already biased in the first place. But that's fine. That's life, and that's politics, and I'll deal with that."

The mayor is a Republican and was elected to his position in 2011.  The mayor, a local businessman who championed the city's parking ordinances, promoted a track record of fiscal conservatism during his campaign.

He is running for reelection in 2019, according to his website.

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