TALK OF THE TOWN: Putting your hands to work on South Carolina land

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Are you looking for a life-changing experience serving South Carolina's public lands?

The Palmetto Conservation Corps is hiring members to serve. Patrick Brittain is the traveling trail superintendent of the Palmetto Conservation Corps.  And Rachel Price is the program director of Palmetto Conservation Corps.

They spoke on WIS-TV to let viewers know the Palmetto Conservation Corps is hiring members to serve for 5 ½ months, starting work as soon as possible. The AmeriCorps program provides training in trail building, wilderness first aid, leave no trace ethics, environmental stewardship, and disaster response.

Corps members gain professional skills in leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, and problem-solving while also networking with seasoned professionals in the field of conservation and land management.

Brittain and Price ask, "Does it sound too good to be true? Are you wondering if the program is as beneficial as we say it is? Numbers speak for themselves, with 100 percent of this year's fall crew chose to extend their service into another term."

When asked what was gained from serving with the Palmetto Conservation Corps, one member said, "The Corps has given me skills, certifications, and experiences that will undoubtedly help me in the job market once I complete my term of service. However, the crewmates I serve alongside and the supervisors I learn from have become the best part of my experience. I have gained friends and mentors that will last a lifetime."

The Palmetto Conservation Corps is South Carolina's only trail-based state AmeriCorps Program for young adults. The Corps completes service work on the Palmetto Trail, through public lands, in communities, and with various organizations throughout the state.

The vision of the Corps is to create sustainable communities while conserving South Carolina's natural resources.

The Corps develops the conservation leaders of tomorrow through service and education, strengthens partnerships that address environmental challenges, and cultivates civically-engaged citizens.

Brittain and Price say, "The Palmetto Conservation Corps is a natural addition to the work of Palmetto Conservation Foundation whose mission is to conserve South Carolina's natural and cultural resources, preserve historic landmarks, and promote active outdoor recreation on the Palmetto Trail and other greenways.

In 2016, the Corps began as Palmetto Conservation Foundation's key trail maintenance tool, but trail maintenance is not the only benefit of Corps work.

The Corps exists to conserve natural resources and wildlife habitats across South Carolina through trail building and maintenance; prepare a crew of young adults with training in disaster preparedness and provide relief in the event of a statewide disaster; and train the environmental leaders of tomorrow in natural resource management, environmental best practices, and disaster mitigation."

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