Need money to start or enhance your business?

Need money to start or enhance your business?

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Are you looking for financing to start or expand your business? The City of Columbia has tips for you including financing options available at an upcoming symposium next week.  Melissa Lindler is the director of Columbia's Office of Business Opportunities.

"Are you looking for capital to start or expand your business? Are you trying to determine which bank has the best package for you? Have you already been to the bank, and need another option for financing? If so, plan to attend a lender-borrower face-to-face workshop on Wednesday, June 6," Lindler said.

During the symposium, you'll learn about financing options available for your small business. Lindler explained you'll get one-on-one attention so all your questions are answered.

The Access to Capital Symposium is a lender matchmaker speed-networking event between lending organizations and small business owners. It provides small business owners with the opportunity to network and connect individually with lenders.

"This is a unique opportunity designed to help small businesses assess their lending options in the most efficient way," Lindler said.

This year, the symposium will consist of matchmaking sessions with up to 20 lenders. This event is a true collaboration between municipal, state and federal government along with several private partner organizations.

The event will be at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center at 1101 Lincoln Street in Columbia. It's 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Interested small businesses and lender participants can register online. The cost of registration is $20.

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