Texas military mom surprises son on last day of Preschool

AUSTIN (KXAN/NBC) - A Texas military mom surprised her 4-year-old son on his last day of Preschool.

The little boy had not seen his mom, U.S. Air Force staff Sergeant Mariana Chapman, since before Christmas.

She was able to coordinate the surprise while she was stationed in South Korea.

"I was kind of worried about what his reaction was going to be like, whether or not he would have a good reaction to seeing me. I also was thinking don't cry, keep it in, keep it in. I did a fairly good job about it," Chapman said.

Chapman arrived in time for her son's last day of Preschool and for his fifth birthday next week.

"I saw my mom and I hug her very fast on the stage to run," 4-year-old John Chapman said.

She says she missed his hugs, so she got her fill and covered him with kisses.

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