'THAT is royalty': SC mom salutes Meghan Markle's mom at royal wedding in viral Facebook post

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A South Carolina mother is reaching people all over the world with a social media post she wrote about the mother of the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Lisa Cole, who lives in West Columbia, posted a photo of Doria Ragland smiling as she sat at the Royal Wedding. Cole gave a shout out to Ragland who sat alone at the wedding.

"Can we just take a moment to honor this this beautiful, strong woman (Meghan Markle's Mother, Doria Ragland) who sat alone, wistfully alone, a million miles from home -in a situation so foreign to her own life- with grace, dignity, poise, honor and deep love for the child she raised? THAT is royalty," Cole posted on her Facebook account page.

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She later comes back and edits the post to add a shout out to all mothers and women all over the world.

"So it's 2:38 am EST and I'm overwhelmed with the solidarity shown today by not just Mamas but WOMEN. Love showed up here, Y'all. Seriously. I wrote these simple words on a whim sitting on the couch with my eight-year-old daughter on my lap after the ceremony ended because I was so deeply moved by the sight of this mother's devotion. My heartfelt words which I never fathomed would move past my own state have now been shared and reposted and reblogged all over the world. Someone even hashtagged my name #lisacole on their Instagram and FB Page when they reposted. So cool! Keep using these words. Do whatever you want to with them to create positivity in this world. Build mothers UP! Mamas deal with so so much in life already... Postpartum. Divorce. Abuse. Neglect. Suicidal thoughts. Struggles deep and wide in ways not often spoken about with others. Why not put a smile on their faces instead?!"

She goes on to tell everyone to go hug or call their mothers if they still can.

Cole's post has received over 1 million reactions and has been shared more than 400,000 times.

WIS reached out to Cole to talk with her more about her inspiration for the viral post that has touched women all over the world.

"As a child, I adored Princess Diana's authenticity as a mother and she was one of my first role models. At 6 am Saturday, I snuck my 8-year-old daughter out in jammies, drove to my mom's, and she sat on my lap watching the Royal Wedding, drinking hot tea and chatting with her Grammy. Throughout that hour, my eyes would drift to Ms. Ragland's face and her sincere non-verbal expression of love, while the newscasters kept commenting how no other relatives from the bride's side were in attendance," Cole said.

Cole went on to say that her heart became "overwhelmed as a mother of four" as she watched Prince Charles extend his hand to Markle's mother toward the end of the ceremony. She said that was the moment when she turned to social media to share her comments.

"I expected my thoughts to resonate with maybe 50-75 like-minded local readers and mom friends who are in the trenches of raising small children - a time that feels overwhelming, and the days never ending. A time when private inadequacies threaten to break us and we wonder if our children will turn out ok despite our failings. But the combination of words paired with an emotionally charged photograph taken by Dominic Lipinski of the UK Press Association hit a magic spot within the social consciousness of mothers worldwide."

Cole said she has received tons of messages from people all over the world who say they felt just as inspired by Ms. Ragland as she did while watching the Royal Wedding.

"Since Saturday I've received over 1,000 messages from people in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Canada, France, Tanzania, New Zealand, Australia and more, all repeating the same thoughts about how my post put something deep they too had felt that morning into concrete words. Ms. Ragland set for us a firm example of the "Light at the End of the Tunnel." And that's what numerous young mothers are seeking - that reassuring moment where we sit back, breathe deeply, and realize that our tireless efforts in rearing another human weren't in vain."

Before ending her statement to WIS with another #GoHugMom, Cole reflected on what she has learned throughout this whole situation.

"What I've learned the most from this past weekend is that the power of affirming others is very real. And that motherhood is a profound experience that bonds us worldwide."

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