Coroner: Ruling on doctor's wife death still pending, but death was not 'natural'

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - The Lexington County Coroner's Office has released a statement on the death of a Lexington County woman, whose passing is being considered "suspicious" by investigating law enforcement agencies.

Coroner Margaret Fisher says Vanessa Biery's official cause of death is still pending, however, during the official autopsy performed at MUSC in Charleston on May 3 showed "no apparent evidence was found to indicate that Mrs. Biery's death was natural."

"Due to the lack of an obvious cause of death, further studies, including toxicology testing, are being performed in order to determine the definitive cause of Mrs. Biery's death," Fisher said in a release.

Biery, 43, was found dead in her Hunters Mill Drive home on May 1 of unknown circumstances. Her death was reported by her husband, Dr. Adam Lazzarini, around 7 a.m. that morning.

Fisher's statement comes after media reports revealed that attorneys for Lazzarini requested a private autopsy which stated that her death was "most likely" due to natural causes.

"The autopsy results released by Dr. Lazzarini's attorneys, which they have claimed indicate Mrs. Biery's death was 'most likely' due to natural causes are not the official autopsy findings," Fisher said. "Rather, the autopsy they have referred to was a private autopsy."

Toxicology reports are still pending from SLED.

Biery was found dead inside their home on May 1. Cayce DPS is investigating her death as "suspicious."

Lazzarini has not been charged in her death but was charged in the Oct. 9, 2017 shooting death of William Player Holland. Lazzarini was charged with involuntary manslaughter after he allegedly pointed a gun at Holland's chest while drinking, police said. He has since bonded out of jail.

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