Midlands welcomes child born to Katrina evacuees

William Young V
William Young V

(Richland) Sept. 8, 2005 - In the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina, News 10 has found a story of survival, new life, and families reconnecting right here in the Midlands.

Shay Dixon-Young is having a baby. She's been in labor for hours, husband William at her side. Shay knows William's mom, Barbara Weber, is close by too, "She's doing fine. She's doing fine. She's had extensive labor. She started labor this morning about 3:00."

Shay also knows she's lucky to be at Providence Hospital Northeast in Columbia. Ten days ago, the couple was on the run, as Hurricane Katrina blew away their home on New Orleans' west side.

What Shay and William do not know, is that her parents are alive. Although we do not know exactly where Young's parents are, WIS found out Thursday afternoon from Red Cross workers in Columbia that they are safe. News 10 gave that information to Weber, who was able to tell her daughter-in-law minutes before Shay was wheeled to the delivery room for a C-section.

It didn't take long. And then, father William meets his son, William Young V.

And there is more good news for Shay and William. Volunteers have already arranged for housing, furniture, a crib, and even jobs.

Volunteer Tina Torres says, "I think it's more than just a ray of light. I mean I think that it shows that the Midlands people have compassion. And that we are here and that if anyone needs any one of us, we're here to help."

At seven pounds, nine ounces, baby William is alert and healthy. And as near as anyone can tell, he has also made history as the first baby born to a Katrina evacuee in South Carolina.

Reported by Jack Kuenzie

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