Gov. Henry McMaster, six others, push for President Trump Nobel - - Columbia, South Carolina

Gov. Henry McMaster, six others, push for President Trump Nobel Peace Prize in letter

Gov. Henry McMaster (Source: Facebook) Gov. Henry McMaster (Source: Facebook)

Continuing a thread that was originally pushed by state Sen. Lindsey Graham, Gov. Henry McMaster has organized a group of U.S. governors in an effort to get the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Donald Trump. 

In a letter signed by six other governors, McMaster says Trump's "transformative efforts" in the Korean Peninsula peace process are worthy of the accolade once awarded to President Barack Obama. 

“Though, he has only been in office one year, President Trump has achieved an unprecedented victory for global peace and security," the letter said. "The President’s firm stance against nuclearization, coupled with his willingness to engage one-on-one with Pyongyang, has succeeded in opening new avenues of cooperation, friendship and unity between the two Koreas – and the rest of the world."

McMaster, alongside governors Kay Ivey, Jeff Colyer, Eddie Baza Calvo, Phil Bryant, Paul LePage, and Jim Justice, sent the letter to the Nobel Prize Committee on Monday.

North and South Korea have exchanged overtures recently in an effort to ease tensions between the two nations split asunder following the 1953 armistice that ceased aggression between the two countries. 

In the past several weeks, both countries have pledged a denuclearization of the peninsula.

Sen. Graham first suggested the Nobel Peace Prize to the president days after both Koreans leaders met for the first time.

"Donald Trump convinced North Korea and China he was serious about bringing about change," Graham said in a tweet. "We're not there yet, but if this happens, President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize."

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