5-year-old uses lemonade stand to raise hundreds of dollars for wounded veterans

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A little boy with a big heart!

We've been recognizing our service members in our Year of the Veteran series at WIS-TV. This time, we're hearing from a five-year-old boy from Camden set on giving back to our heroes.

"Yeah, he's always had a big heart," his father David Hunt says.

After meeting a family-friend, who is also a wounded veteran, five-year-old William said he wanted to do something to help.

"I wanted to help the soldiers because they were our heroes," says William.

A trip to see the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Wall that Heals Exhibit in Camden, only helped to seal the deal.

William says soldiers, "help keep us safe and give us freedom." Something he learned from his parents.

His dad says, "We kind of explained what our veterans have done for our country and without them, we wouldn't even be here and we wouldn't have the freedoms we have and he kind of took it upon himself that he wanted to help out and wanted to know what he could do."

William set out to raise $100 by selling lemonade.

"He said he wanted to do something to help and it was completely his idea. We said, whatever he wanted to do, we would help in any way we could," says David.

William more than reached his goal, earning more than $500 in a matter of hours.

His dad says, "We're very grateful for what everybody did to support, not only the veterans, but William and our family and everybody's just been really, really good and really backed him on this."

The Hunt family says 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Hidden Wounds Project.

William is also being recognized by the Blue Star Mothers of America.

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