My Take: Congratulations, Mayor Benjamin!

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Congratulations are in order for Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. This week, he became the 76th President of the U.S. Conference Of Mayors.

That means he will lead an organization made up of 14 hundred mayors nationwide. The group sets agendas that are presented to the President Of The United States and other national lawmakers. Mayor Benjamin plans to focus on infrastructure, innovation, and inclusion.

While it is certainly a huge individual honor for Mayor Benjamin, there can be benefits for Columbia as well. The issues affecting people here will be front and center before officials on a national level.

The capital city will also draw more attention than before. This September, the conference's Fall Leadership Meeting will take place in Columbia. It's a chance to show how much the area has to offer.

To be sure, things aren't perfect here with many tough issues to be addressed. But this week's news can be seen as nothing but a positive, both for the city's profile and the potential impact on its future.

So, congratulations Mayor Benjamin and here's to hoping for a fruitful time as President of this organization.

That's My Take, What's Yours?

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