Springdale man carjacks two people, attempts to escape from 2 police cars

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Springdale man is facing a slew of charges for reportedly carjacking two people, trying to escape police custody, and even doing drugs.

Police say Gregory Jamal Speaks, 23, led officers on a chase Sunday morning after refusing to stop for blue lights. Police determined the vehicle was taken in a carjacking. At one point, Speaks reportedly booted two people from the vehicle and kept going.

Once at a red light, officers were able to arrest Speaks, but while in the back of a patrol car, he reportedly climbed out of a window in handcuffs while the car was moving.

Police caught him, but not before he reportedly tried to make another escape, kicking out a patrol car window.

Investigators later determined Speaks had unlawfully entered a hotel room on Airport Boulevard where he forced the two carjacking victims at knife-point into their car.

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