Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott stand by President Donald Trump's d - - Columbia, South Carolina

Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott stand by President Donald Trump's decision to exit Iran deal

President Donald Trump (Source: CNN) President Donald Trump (Source: CNN)

South Carolina senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott are giving the thumbs up to President Donald Trump after the president moved to pull the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday.

In a pair of statements, Scott and Graham stand behind the president's decision.

"Today's decision by the administration underscores the need to do more than the status quo, but this conversation is far from over," Scott said. "The Iran Deal has been flawed from the beginning. The previous administration branded Iran as a top state sponsor of terrorism, which only solidifies the fact that their leadership cannot be trusted. Yet over the past two years we have relied on a subpar agreement to restrict their threatening behavior and it has only continued to embolden their aggressive tactics. If we are going to get serious about curbing Iran's nuclear program, I encourage our allies to come to the table to lay out a new course focused on furthering global security."

"The agreement has always been fatally flawed when it came to controlling Iranian nuclear ambitions," Graham said. "With the mere passage of time, the deal allows Iran to enrich and reprocess uranium -- without limitation -- on its march toward a nuclear weapon. This would have required our Arab allies to develop a nuclear weapon of their own to counter the growing Iranian threat."

Trump defended his exit from the historic accord, saying the deal was a "horrible one-sided deal that should never ever have been made." 

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