My Take: Where is your action on the failed nuclear energy plant, SC legislators?

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The S. C. legislature made it their number one priority at the start of the 2018 session that they were going to pass something on nuclear.

That is, address the 9-month-old nuclear fiasco in Fairfield County that resulted in the abandonment of two partially built nuclear reactors. The House and Senate negotiators failed to reach an agreement Wednesday on how deeply to cut SCE&G's power bills.

AS you know, the typical SCE&G bill rose by an average of $27/month as the utility was building the new reactors at the VC Summer Nuclear Station. The House insists on an 18 percent cut, which is backed by Gov. Henry McMaster.

The Senate is pushing a 13 percent cut and is not budging.

House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford says the Senate's proposed cut is "rewarding wrongdoers." If the two sides cannot agree on a rate cut, the proposal will die for another year.

And the SCE&G customers will continue to bear the burden of a white elephant in the abandoned nuclear project.

The people of South Carolina have given enough and have received no benefit of this project to date.  It's time the legislature acts and delivers some goodwill back to its citizens and not allow this escapade to stretch into another year!

That's My take, What's Yours?

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