Neighbors, business owners relieved order issued to Mi Casita, believe will help stop illegal activities in community

RCSD served the order against Mi Casita on Friday afternoon. The order allows the sheriff's department to make arrests if the business continues to operate.

Neighbors say they are happy to finally see changes, starting with the order posted on the door.

"I could be laying in my bed and the music would literally be waking me up," Nathan Turner, who lives across the street from the business said. "I mean I've got double pane glass windows but yet I can still hear the stereos thumping."

Turner says he's been on the cusp of moving out of the neighborhood to avoid the loud noise he's been hearing for about a year.

"I've got kids, I got a family and this isn't really a conducive environment for children — for anyone — I think," Turner said.

Some of those complaints also come from nearby business owners and Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott has heard a lot of those complaints.

"The community has made numerous complaints about the criminal activity that go there," Lott said. "It's not just the noise, that's an issue too. But the loud music that plays and disturbs everyone in the community, gunshots and other criminal activity that goes on there."

One business owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, has their business just doors down from Mi Casita.

"When I come to work in the morning, I find broken beer bottles, cans and sometimes we'll find the trace of the guys pooping out in the parking lot," the store owner said. "We find all kinds of stuff."

The business owner has it all on surveillance video.

In the last two years, RCSD responded to 32 calls at Mi Casita. Lott said the calls range from shots fired, to fights in progress, to the homicide that took place outside the business in October of 2017.

Mi Casita's order follows years of illegal activity at the business.

Deputies said they tried to work with the owner to fix what is wrong with the business, but they have not cooperated.

If the owners do not comply with the current order, Lott said the department will be able to pursue charges as well as potential arrests.

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