Forget hiking! Midlands summer camps are bringing in something you only see on lumberjack competitions.

CLARENDON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Kids at some Midlands camps will be able to add the sport of "log rolling" to their resume this summer.

Camp leaders at Camp Bob Cooper in Clarendon County learned the art of log rolling on Monday from special instructor Alex Beck. Beck is with the Key Log Rolling company and has created a synthetic log. This log is easier to transport and use.

He says they are hoping to teach kids about the world of log rolling in what they say is a sport with Olympic aspirations.

"We're really excited. We're going to have all six camp directors be instructors. I think they're going to really get the kind of burn and the yearn to learn how to get on the key log and roll and progressively get better," Beck said. "It's really addicting and fun once you learn how to do it."

Key Log Rolling says in four years, nine countries and more than 500 parks, camps, colleges and military bases in the US have started log rolling programs.

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