Midlands Special Needs Foundation just one of 372 local non-profits vying for donations on Tuesday

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Looking for a way to give back?

That includes the Joy Day Program which is part of The Midlands Special Needs Foundation.

The program continues to educate adults with special needs after high school.

It allows adults who may not be prepared to get a job out of school to continue to learn daily living skills and was created to empower those with special needs to spend their time in an on-going learning center.

"We are a unique program for young adults," Sally Garner, Midlands Special Needs Foundation President, said. "There is a time for classroom learning to continue what they had been doing in school."

The program focuses on daily living skills and living a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

"Some kids when they finish high school do have jobs lined up and are able to go into the work field. Some are able to go into workshops and in full-time type adult care facilities and we are unique in the way we kind of offer something in between," Garner said.

The program meets four times a week at Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington.

They hope with more donations, they can eventually expand to other parts of the Midlands.

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