'The Wire' actress provides words of wisdom to SCDC incarcerated women

(WIS) - The South Carolina Department of Corrections Headquarters had a special guest who provided words of wisdom to incarcerated women.

You may know Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from the HBO show The Wire.

Pearson came out to speak with current inmates about her troubled childhood, her time spent in prison, and how she overcame it.

It's all part of National Reentry week to help incarcerated citizens make a successful transition from prison back into communities through education and empowerment.

Pearson's appearance one of the many events South Carolina Department of corrections is putting on to celebrate National Reentry week.

Pearson tells WIS her ultimate goal is to provide hope for others and to prove that you can live a successful life outside of prison.

"I'm a living testament that you can make it through anything," Pearson said. "You know, look what I was faced with. First degree murder, something I'm not proud of, but that was how I was choosing to live my life."

One inmate said that after hearing Pearson speak, it gives her hope that she can be successful when she gets out of prison.

Pearson said "We got intelligent women and men in these institutions. Just because they made one or two wrongs, don't make them a bad person."

National Reentry Week runs from April 24-30.

The reentry programs help non-violent inmates who are about to return to society to get skills, training, and encouragement needed to find jobs once they're released.

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