He was in an SC jail for trying to kill his wife. Now he's guilty for trying to kill her again -- with a bomb

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A man already in jail for the murder of his estranged wife's father was found guilty of a conspiracy to try and kill her by sending her a bomb through the mail, according to court documents.

Michael Young, 32, was found guilty of conspiracy to violate federal law, transporting and receiving explosives to kill an individual, mailing a non-mailable item with intent to kill or injure, and carrying explosives during the commission of a felony.

Young, who is currently housed at the Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia, came up with the plot to kill his estranged wife, Shaunna Bell, while incarcerated. Young is serving time for killing Bell's father in a 2007 case.

In that case, Bell's father came to pick her up from her job at Columbiana Place because she was afraid of Young. It was at that point, prosecutors and Columbia Police Department detectives said, Young appeared and opened fire on Bell and her father.

"He said he used that gun to shoot Mr. Bell several times, he then walked over to Shaunna Bell where she was sitting in the passenger seat of her father's car. She was crouching down, he fired down several times into the car," a CPD detective said during the October 2007 trial.

Court documents further detail the conspiracy. According to those documents, Young ordered the explosives using a cell phone smuggled into the prison and had them sent to the home of a minor while he also worked to obtain shipping labels. However, according to investigators, the dealer Young used to purchase the bomb was an undercover FBI agent.

Young, the documents say, then gave those shipping labels to another man allegedly involved in the conspiracy and identified as Vance Edward Volious, Jr. The documents say Young and Volious spoke on the telephone about the shipping labels and Volious gave them to a third man, identified as Tyrell Christian Fears.

From there, the documents say, Fears went to the minor's home where the explosives were being stored and armed the device before dropping it off at the Post Office with the shipping label addressed to Young's estranged wife.

The documents say Young then ordered illegal narcotics sent to the minor's home.

The bomb, meanwhile, was intercepted by authorities.

Young is already serving a 20-year sentence for shooting Bell and a 50-year sentence for her father's murder. No word on sentencing for these recent charges.

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