Far from a quartet, these four have been sentenced in a string of Sumter barbershop robberies

SUMTER, SC (WIS) - Four men have been sentenced in the armed robberies of barbershops, other businesses, and individuals in Sumter in 2017.

Chase Bernard Nelson, 20, Malik Nelson, 18, James Simon, 30, and Marion Shakur Rahman, 20, all pleaded guilty on April 12 and received their sentences for the incidents that spanned August 2017 to December 2017.

The quartet pleaded guilty to the armed robberies of a Sumter Bojangles', Star Barbershop, Gentleman's Barbershop, Rollerson Package Store, and Peanut Enterprise. Their streak ended with the armed robbery of an individual person outside of Miller Arms apartments that resulted in the victim being shot.

The four charged each received charges of armed robbery, conspiracy, attempted murder, and various weapon charges.

  • Chase Nelson received a 14-year sentence.
  • Malik Nelson received a 10-year sentence.
  • Simon received an 18-year sentence.
  • Rahman received probation on a single guilty plea of criminal conspiracy.

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