This self-proclaimed 'macho man' was even scared by Gilbert's tornado

GILBERT, SC (WIS) - Danny Adam's Sunday afternoon nap was cut short.

"I was asleep, and all of a sudden, bam! I mean, I just jumped up in the air, and the mobile home was trying to lift," Adam said. "I ran to the window to see what was going on, and I couldn't see anything."

As Adam rushed family members into a bedroom closet, he said the chaos ended almost as quickly as it began. Then, he went outside.

"It looked like somebody had did an airstrike. That's what it looked like to me. There was metal everywhere," Adam said.

Metal wrapped around trees like wrapping paper, power poles toppled like dominoes, and homes like Adam's were battered to shreds. The National Weather Service said Adams and others across Gilbert experienced a feisty EF-2 tornado.

Monday, when NWS meteorologists toured the damage in Gilbert, they quickly spotted the fingerprints of a tornado.

"Yeah, those two trees are in opposite directions," said Leonard Vaughn as he took pictures of the damage. "Well, it gives us indication that there was rotation in this area."

But the damage didn't end here. The meteorologists tracked a distinct path of the tornado that spanned a couple of miles from about Two Notch Road in Gilbert north across Semm Sease, Wire, Isiah Hall, and Windy Roads.

The tornado carved a hole down the middle of seven chicken houses near Semm Sease Road, flipped a carport behind a Wire Road home, splintered pine trees like toothpicks near Isiah Hall Road, and launched two-by-six wooden boards into roofs and a camper at a home on Windy Road.

Despite the damage, no one was physically hurt, but Adams' nerves were shot.

"Even though I look macho and I act macho, I was scared as hell," Adam said.

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