Company donates virtual reality glasses to Palmetto Health Children's Hospital

Company donates virtual reality glasses

(WIS) - The team at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital uses virtual reality glasses to help children "escape" from frightening or painful procedures.

Originally, the hospital only had one set of VR glasses. After one company in Illinois watched a story about the initiative on WIS, they donated 100 custom VR viewers to the hospital.

The company makes the VR glasses out of cardboard. The child can look up the place they want to go on YouTube, place the phone inside the cardboard viewer, and then be taken to a virtual reality.

"To see the positivity that was being given, and giving them the opportunity to basically distract themselves when they're going through a rough time, it was a no brainer for us," Co-owner of Unofficial Cardboard Richard Oleff said.

The benefit of the cardboard VR glasses is each kid gets to keep their own set, which helps spread less germs around the hospital.

The glasses can help distract a child from pain by allowing them to have a relaxing experience with music and nature. Now they can all have that same experience, even when they go home.

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