Seven police chases in 24 days leaves six dead in the Midlands

(WIS) - From the final third of March to April 5, law enforcement officials experienced six high-speed chases resulting in six fatalities in that 17-day span.

Prior to that crash, the Richland County Sheriff's Department and the Lexington County Sheriff's Department had dealt with three fatalities from three separate pursuits, including one that ended in a fatal standoff that is still being investigated by SLED.

"It is very unusual for us to see fatalities following the chase," Maria Yturria, with Richland County Sheriffs Department, said at the time. "I would say that the last one we had in Richland County has been several years."

One of the more recent reports of such an incident was in 2013, but now the unusual is becoming usual as more individuals are deciding to flee from police often at a high cost.

Three people in late March were fleeing police when they tried to drive through the fence separating the opposite directions of travel on Interstate 20, killing one of the persons they were with. That driver is now facing felony DUI involving death charges on top of the charges they were originally going to face.

In addition, The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reported that nine people were killed on South Carolina highways between April 6 and April 8 as part of a weekend report they conduct.

Of those nine people, three were pedestrians and one was a motorcyclist. The other 5 victims were wearing seatbelts, according to the report.

As of Sunday, 220 people have died on SC highways, which is lower than the same time period last year which had 264 highway deaths.

The following are the recent law enforcement pursuits:

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