Lexington man receives word from family following Katrina

(Lexington) Aug. 31, 2005 - One Lexington man is one of the lucky ones who has been able to contact his family following Katrina.

Keith Stone's been glued to his television since Katrina began, "I knew in my heart this wasn't right. I just knew in my spirit it was going to be tragic."

The Lexington pastor grew up near New Orleans. His family members rode out the storm in the worst hit areas. Like his brother Thomas, the Saint Bernard parish fire chief.

But after Stone spoke on WIS Tuesday night, he received word from his family. Keith Stone says his brother Thomas is alive and well.

Thomas contacted Keith's nephew around 2:30 Wednesday morning. He is in Lake Charles safe and sound.

Also, Keith had mentioned his sister and aunt who live in downtown New Orleans. He has learned that they were able to get out and are on the road driving west.

Stone showed WIS a picture of his Aunt Gussie's house. He thinks the house is now under water. Based on what he sees in the pictures, with water up to street lights, "I was really upset, because I grew up there."

Stone is so impacted by the hurricane, he's thinking of leaving home in Lexington to become a Red Cross volunteer and help with the rescue and cleanup in his hometown, "Everything is screaming within me to go there right now, to help, to do everything I can."

Reported by Jennifer Miskewicz

Updated 4:40pm by Chantelle Janelle