Thousands of people came out to participate in Columbia’s March for Our Lives event

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Over 3,000 people marched to the State House in Columbia's March for Our Lives.

The march is part of a nationwide plan to demand safer schools and more gun control to be in place.

Part of what their mission statement is demanding a comprehensive and effective bill to be introduced immediately to address gun issues nationwide.

The march in Columbia began at the intersection of Calhoun and Sumter St. Saturday morning and ended with a rally at the State House.

Students across the Midlands came out to voice their opinions and march for a change.

Noah Parker, a homeschooled student spoke about how he's "lucky that I don't have to into a public school every day and fear that. I mean sandy hook happened in 2012 and I remember going in to school and being scared for my life."

Madeline West, a sophomore from Spring Hill high school added: "Too many students are being killed and it's just not right and it could be one of my friends one day and it could be my school and it just scares me."

Students are not the only ones who came out to march.

"The kids are saying we've had enough of this," Paul Fram, a retired teacher said. "I taught for 25 years and the kids are the ones who are showing us the way. My generation has clearly failed. We have allowed guns to be out there in ways where they simply shouldn't. These are guns that are killing people, they're killing our children. The kids are standing up and saying enough. It's time for the grownups to stand with them and say we're gonna make the legislature change the laws and take these horrible guns off the streets"

Parents also raise a concern on being afraid of sending their children to school.

"I have a first grader and I have a child who's in pre-school," Amanda Masterpaul, who marched in Saturday's event, said. "I'm concerned about it obviously in the back of my mind I think is the daycare next? You know we've already had elementary school shootings middle school high school college shootings what's next when is enough gonna be enough?"

Not only did locals come out to march, even those from out of state came.

WIS spoke with a family who is from Parkland. The daughter is close friends with one of the 17 victims shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

"It's wonderful to see the support so far away from Florida," Lisa Lusskin, from Parkland, said. "This has virtually touched everyone in the country. It seems like someone has a connection everywhere you meet people all over the country and even all over the world has a connection to someone down south. So we're thrilled to just be together and remembering everyone."

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