Gray Collegiate students walk out, demand gun reform

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - At 11:50 in the morning they promptly walked out, gathered around the flagpole, and leant their voices to a big issue. Even though students at Gray Collegiate Academy walked out a bit later than a lot of schools, they walked out for the same reason.

After the massacre in Parkland, Florida, a lot went through Brianna Truax's mind.

"What went through my mind was this could have happened to us. I actually called, and we sat there and came up with an escape plan," she said. "Like, you shouldn't be shot during algebra class. I think it's hard to like be able to focus on school if you're fearing for your life or you're not protected," added Walker, Truax's friend and classmate.

So, Truax and Walker planned the peaceful protest – a walkout protest that called for an assault weapons ban, a ban of high-capacity magazines, an end of police militarization, expanded background checks, and gun violence restraining orders.

Student protesters also remembered when gun violence touched them – just a few weeks ago – when deputies say one of their classmates, Tiquan Taylor, was murdered over a video game console.

"It's sad to lose someone, especially someone who was younger than me. You know, it could have been any of us," Walker said.

Walker and the others say the short 17-minute protest is just the beginning of their fight.

Of course, some have said students are too young to know what they're fighting for. Others have added that those students are being used as a mouthpiece of the left.

Walker said that's not the truth. She said she knows that she can think for herself, and she challenged some of her fellow students to do the same.

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