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Drag Queen Elsa frees police wagon stuck in snow

(RNN) – The cold doesn’t bother Queen Elsa – or grown men dressed as her.

On Tuesday, a Boston police wagon that was stuck in the snow got a little help from a man in drag dressed as Queen Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

Jason Tripplett, a 37-year-old attorney, ran out in his costume to push the wagon free as patrons watched and cheered from a nearby bar, according to the Boston Globe.

Christopher Haynes, a publicist for The Gallows Bar in Boston, took the video of the Elsa which has racked up more than 2.5 million views.

Triplett said he wore the costume out to meet friends as a gag, a little fun to be had during the area’s third nor’easter storm in two weeks.

As the truck started to pull away, the bar patrons sang “Let it go!” and Elsa took a curtseyed.

Social media, of course, criticized Haynes and the others for not helping.

"I feel a little guilty we didn't help push," Haynes told the Washington Post. "But Elsa had taken care of it, clearly."

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