Midlands teachers take pie to the face for charitable cause

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Raising big bucks and getting to throw a pie in their favorite teachers' faces. That's how Airport High School students spent their lunch hour Wednesday.

For $5 students got a tin full of good old-fashioned whipped cream to stuff in their teacher's face.

Airport High School is part of Lexington School District Two. That fundraiser, and so many other activities throughout the week at the school, are aimed at raising money for Camp Kemo through Palmetto Health.

"Last year we were given the chance to go to Camp Kemo and see where our money went," said one student. "And it was hot that day, but I had chills the entire time to get to see the impact on these kids lives."

A summer camp for kids with cancer is Camp Kemo's largest program, but it's one of many things Camp Kemo offers year-round to kids with cancer and their families. You can learn more by clicking here.

The leader of the group of students who put on the annual charity drive is teacher and Student Activities director, Daniel Bailey.

"There's not another place like Airport High School," Bailey said. "The students here have been doing this for 24 years.  They've been doing this solidly. Their heart is truly in this school. There's no other place like it."

There's a different activity for every day of the week. The students hope to raise $60,000.

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