A different approach to losing weight

(WIS) - Balance.  The very word is calming. And it, perhaps, is something some of you need right now.

The focus of an upcoming group session called "Balance" focuses on appetite awareness training. It's for anyone who suffers with weight.

This is a different way of looking at weight and how to feed our bodies.  It's a way of teaching your body how much to eat and when to eat.

Courtney Armstrong is a registered dietician and nutrition counselor with Simply Nutrition. The group will be co-led by a dietitian and therapist and will focus on introverts eating to help promote healthy weight.

It is a no-diet approach and will be ACT-based. ACT stands for acceptance and commitment therapy. It also will focus on appetite awareness training. There will be a curriculum and then time for discussion in every group.

The therapist is Michele Burnette. The focus is not on what you eat, but on what you think about what you eat. There aren't meal plans offered in these group session, but rather the use of mindfulness strategies and psychological flexibility.

'Balance' group sessions for those 18 and older will start Thursday, April 5. It is $40 per session for a total of $320 for the eight weeks. Meet at the Simply Nutrition office which is on Columbia's Devine Street.

For more information, contact the Simply Nutrition office at 803-814-5392 or http://www.yoursimplynutrition.com/.

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