Weekend fires in Fairfield County likely not a result of arson

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Fairfield County Sheriff's Office and South Carolina Forestry Commission officials do not believe any of the wildfires in Fairfield County were the result of arson, as officials previously reported.

Fairfield County Fire Services, Newberry County Fire Services, the South Carolina Forestry Commission and the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office responded to multiple brush fires on S.C. Highways 213 and 215 on Saturday, March 3.

A joint investigation by the Forestry Commission and the Sheriff's Office has determined that these fires were most likely caused by a vehicle that was dragging an object on the road, creating sparks that led to the fires.

"Our investigation with the sheriff's office concluded that the sheer number of fires so close together, combined with their comparable proximity to the roads by which they were burning, suggests that the fires were not intentionally set," said SCFC Law Enforcement Chief Tommy Mills. "The evidence and the pattern of burning do not fit the typical profile of arson."

However, the investigation is ongoing.

The fires ended up burning a total of 84 acres in the southwestern portion of Fairfield County.

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