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Lawmaker seeks slavery reparations if General Assembly rewrites state constitution

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A state lawmaker is planning to introduce reparations for slavery following attempts by a group of lawmakers to call a constitutional convention to rewrite South Carolina's constitution.

Sen. Marlon Kimpson said in a tweet that his motivation for the idea comes from the last time the state's constitution was rewritten in 1895 and pushed by former Gov. "Pitchfork" Ben Tillman.

"If the door is opened for a constitutional convention, last amended in 1895 to systematically disenfranchise African-Americans, I plan to introduce the subject of reparations for the descendants of slaves who built this state providing free labor," Kimpson said.

Kimpson went further in a second tweet, saying the need to address inequities in the state are yet another reason.

"People of color are still experiencing the impact of the Tillman Constitution," Kimpson said. "I'm not interested simply changing roles of power and titles in a new paper. We need to address the fundamental inequities that still exist and barriers to economic inclusion resulting from Tillman."

The group of lawmakers introduced two bills in the state Senate and House of Representatives calling for a massive restructure of state government in the form of a constitutional convention.

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