SC Forestry Commission provides map of controlled burns around the state

SC Forestry Commission provides map of controlled burns around the state
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The South Carolina Forestry Commission has provided a map of all the prescribed burns happening around the state on Sunday.

The map shows burns happening in Midlands areas such as Fort Jackson in Richland County, Gilbert in Lexington County, and areas of Lee County.

The Lee County Fire Department posted a warning to residents on social media about the significant smoke that can be seen around the county due to the burns.

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The Forestry Commission lists the below reasons for why a prescribed burn would be needed:

  • Hazard Reduction - Reduce dangerous accumulations of fuels that naturally occur in southern forests (e.g. pine needles, vines, shrubs).
  • Hardwood Control - Reduce or control the amount of competing hardwood vegetation.
  • Disease Control - To control insects and disease such as Brownspot Needle Blight in longleaf pine, Fornes annosus root rot, and occasionally used to control white pine cone beetle.
  • Piled Debris - Vegetative debris from a land clearing or timber cutting operation moved into piles.
  • Field Pasture - To remove debris left after the harvest of crops such as corn, soybeans, and small grains. To improve the grazing quality of open field grasses such as Bermuda.
  • Ditch Hedge - Burning of ditch banks and hedgerows normally associated with agricultural operations.
  • Site Prep - To reduce debris left after a timber harvest and improve the site for planting or natural regeneration.
  • Wildlife Management - To improve habitat for wildlife species by stimulating fruit and seed production; increase occurrence of herbage, legumes and hardwood sprouts; create openings for feeding and travel.

Head over to the Forestry Commission's website to view the interactive map.

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