USC students dance until midnight for children's health

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - More than a thousand USC students danced until around midnight on Saturday in an effort to raise money.

It's the 20th year of the USC Dance Marathon, and this year students hoped to hit their goal of $1 million that will go to Palmetto Health Children's Hospital. The students started dancing at about 10 a.m. and even though the 14-hour marathon is tiring, students said the money raised makes it all worth it.

"Changed my perspective about college, about life about what we can do and so just watching everyone else buy into it on this campus and just watching our movement grow has been the most incredible thing I've done throughout college," Kaity Lynch, VP of communications for the USC Dance Marathon said.

The final donation total was $1,025,171. More than 2,300 students and alumni registered for the Dance Marathon. Event organizers say this year was the most sign-ups they've ever had.

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