Frank Martin's near-death experience documented in 'Miracle in Manhattan'

Frank Martin's near-death experience documented in 'Miracle in Manhattan'

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Frank Martin was dying. At least that's what the doctors told him as he laid on a hospital bed in Manhattan, Kansas.

A 2006 near-death experience by the University of South Carolina's head men's basketball coach will be highlighted by ESPN's SportsCenter on Sunday night in a story called "Miracle in Manhattan."

"Regardless of how difficult things get, regardless of how bad a loss, you had a bad practice, you better take advantage of the next day because it could end at any second," Martin said in a preview of the ESPN story.

The almost 12-year-old incident seems distant at this point, but Martin is coming forward to tell his story more in-depth.

According to a story from the Kansas City Star, Martin became mysteriously ill without reason. Martin believed it was the flu and attempted to medicate himself as such. But his condition worsened and he was soon hospitalized.

Lying in a hospital bed with a 105 degree fever, he was told he had pancreatic cancer and was close to death already. But Martin says something -- a spirit, a Guardian Angel, or a just a nurse -- prayed for him one night alongside his uncle.

It was that moment that Martin says his condition improved dramatically.

"There was an angel that was sent to make me right," Martin said.

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