These arrests are being called part of a 'major' multi-state burglary ring

SUMTER, SC (WIS) - A simple patrol on Interstate 95 has led the arrest of three men in what a Midlands law enforcement agency is calling a "major" multi-state burglary ring that stretched from Myrtle Beach and Florida.

The Sumter County Sheriff's Office says Robert Lee Fogle, Darryl Antonio Burden, and Thyron Triamine Burden were all arrested following a traffic stop on I-95 on Feb. 27. Surveillance footage gathered by the sheriff's office connects the group to burglaries across the southeast, officials say.

That stop occurred after a deputies spotted a speeding car carrying the trio slam on brakes to stop from running into the back of another car, according to investigators.

That deputy said he pulled over the car and found Fogle, who was driving with a suspended license, at the wheel.

But what really caught the deputy's attention, according to investigators, was Burden "making furtive movements" and appearing to fake sleep while holding a large bundle of cash in his hand.

Thyron, meanwhile, gave consent to search the car since he rented it.

Deputies say they found two bundles of cash mixed in with clothes that totaled $2,422, two surge protectors, a small flashlight, flip phones, and an LG phone.

A further search of the car turned up black gloves, ski masks, and a blue crowbar.

All three men were booked at the Sumter County Detention Center, where deputies also located another $5,241 in cash hidden in Burden's underwear.

"The investigation could span to other areas," Dennis said. "We were fortunate that our deputies were alert to possible criminal activity. Best of all, no one was injured during these arrests."

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