Pittsburgh Steelers player and former Clemson standout encourages SC students to be leaders

(WIS) - Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Back, Coty Sensabaugh, came to speak with the Boy's Leadership Academy at Carolina School for Inquiry.

The purpose of this program is to develop and implement leadership qualities in 3rd to 6th grade young males so they will grow up to be successful.

The program teaches responsibility, integrity, time management, and manners.

Carolina School for Inquiry's goal is to teach and implement these qualities at a young age to result in positive outcomes for the future.

NFL's Coty Sensabaugh wants to inspire the youth's minds to grow into successful leaders.

To do that, he came back to South Carolina to speak with kids who look up to him.

"I learned that he went through some hard times, and to get to be a better player, a better football player or whatever you need to be. You have to have good characteristics, have to have determination, and choose the right people," student at Carolina School for Inquiry Amarii King said.

Anthony Bryant, Carolina School for Inquiry's guidance counselor says having stars like Coty come out to speak is a way to instill the importance of leadership from a young age.

"Kids are very callable, their minds can absorb everything. So when they begin to build their self-esteem, it'll allow them to know that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to, but it takes certain character traits to accomplish that," Bryant said.

Victoria Dixion-Mokeva, Carolina School for Inquiry's Principle, says The Boy's Leadership Academy is "instrumental to our young men here at Carolina School for Inquiry because it gives them the opportunity to see other leaders in the community."

"Our focus is high levels of student engagement," Dixion-Mokeva said. "When you show students that they have those leadership skills, natural leadership abilities to be that leader, it really enhances every aspect of their life."

The focus of the leadership academy is to enhance every aspect of the young men's lives both in and outside of school.

"Puts a smile on my face and its good for the kids. If I can help them in any way I'm all for it," Sensabaugh said.

The Boy's Leadership Academy meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the week.

They also "Dress for Success" by wearing ties and a collared shirt.

To be a part of the leadership program, the students must have at least a "C" grade point average, be in good standing with their teachers as well as their peers, and overall be a student achiever.

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