Recipe ideas to fight colon cancer

(WIS) - Today is the start of Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. So, Nutrition Consultant Lere' Robinson of Alive Again has some recipe ideas that help fight off colon cancer.

What are a couple of the best foods to prevent colon cancer? Calcium and Vitamin D are key. In fact, recent studies have suggested that these two substances may not only strengthen bones, but also may help stop the growth and/or spread of colon cancer.

Good sources of calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon, sardines, and dark-green leafy vegetables such as kale, mustard, and collard greens.

And hold off on the burger or juicy steak. The latest research reaffirms earlier evidence that eating too much red meat and processed meat increases your colorectal cancer risk.

And if a bologna sandwich sounds tasty to you, remember that ounce for ounce eating processed meat increases the risk twice as much as eating red meat. Processed meats include hot dogs, bacon, sausage and deli slices.

Lere' says health experts are adamant that some of the best foods to fight colorectal cancer, and other cancer for that matter, are leafy green vegetables.

One recipe she highly recommends is the Israeli Couscous and Kale Salad by Forks Over Knives.  It has kale, veggies, herbs and spices as main ingredients and can be found here. 

She also finds her herb and greens blueberry salad very dense in nutrients.  Several of her cancer-fighting recipes can be found here. 

Lere' also emphasizes the need for more fiber! She says, "America is overdosed on protein and Americans are not eating enough fiber, which we find in leafy greens, veggies and fruit."

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