MY TAKE GUEST EDITORIAL: VP of Southern Operations for Dominion Energy

MY TAKE GUEST EDITORIAL: VP of Southern Operations for Dominion Energy

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Hello, I'm Dan Weekley, Vice President of Southern Operations for Dominion Energy.

Dominion Energy has worked hard to communicate our offer to combine with SCE&G and its parent company, SCANA.

We understand the frustration and anger about the abandoned nuclear project in Fairfield County.

We want everyone to understand our proposal, which includes an immediate $1,000 cash payment for the average residential electric customer and a rate reduction of up to 7 percent.

Our chairman, Tom Farrell, has spent more than eight hours publicly answering questions from state legislators.

He and other Dominion Energy representatives have met with state policymakers, community leaders, news media and thousands of customers.

We have been asked many times if this is our best and final offer.

The public and the customers want transparency.

The answer to that question is, "Yes."

We are putting much at stake to make this work for SCE&G customers and the state of South Carolina.

We are willing to discuss with state leaders and regulators how to refine the proposal within the existing financial parameters.

But we cannot put Dominion Energy more at risk.

While we know our proposal is not perfect to all, it does provide more than $12 billion in total customer benefits.

These are benefits SCE&G cannot deliver on its own.

Our proposal provides the best permanent solution to the current challenges and lays a path to a brighter energy future across South Carolina.

Thank you.

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