Study: South Carolinians don't work very hard as it turns out

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - We swear it FEELS like we work hard, but a recent study finds that South Carolinians just don't work all that hard compared to 115 other cities in the study.

According to, Columbia, SC, finishes dead last in a study looking at 116 cities and how hard the people in those cities work. The process for determining this was based on a weighted math system utilizing factors that directly relate to work (i.e., Employment Rate and Average Workweek Hours) and indirect work factors (i.e, Average Commute Time and Workers with Multiple Jobs).

Out of a possible score of 100, the hardest-working city is San Francisco with a score of 78.52. Columbia's score, comparatively, is 25.72. That puts South Carolina's capital below the likes of Charleston (WV), Cheyenne (WY), and Fresno (CA).

Columbia is the only South Carolina city in the study, but five North Carolina cities are represented and all list ahead of Columbia. Charlotte (No. 63), Raleigh (No. 72), Durham (No. 74), Winston-Salem (No. 99), and Greensboro (No. 106) all work harder.

It should be noted that Charleston, WV, and Cheyenne, WY, both have populations SMALLER than Columbia does.

Click here to check out the study for yourself.

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