Frank Martin addresses Yahoo! Sports report, allegations against PJ Dozier

Frank Martin addresses Yahoo! Sports report, allegations against PJ Dozier

COLUMBIA, SC ( - Besides his postgame press conference on Saturday after losing in overtime on the road against Mississippi State, on Monday morning South Carolina head coach Frank Martin held his first formal press conference since Friday's Yahoo! Sports report on further developments of the college basketball FBI investigation.

"I've got zero, zero dealings with agents. I don't mess with agents, I don't care for agents, anyone that asks me about agents will tell you will tell you I'm the biggest anti-agent coach in the business," Martin said when first asked about the report. "I don't like how the operate, I don't care for what they stand for. I have one and I don't get along with mine. That tells you how little I like agents. You take my phone right now, I'll give you my Kansas State numbers, you can go through my phone. You'll never find an exchange, text message, email, phone call to any agent other than mine. I conduct business that way."

South Carolina was one of at least 20 Division I college basketball teams named, in link to former point guard PJ Dozier allegedly receiving a little over $6,000 while in school.

"I read the same article you read. It's not like I got different information. Was PJ's name on those ledgers? I saw it in the article. I didn't see his name on the ledgers. I know what I read. I didn't see PJ's name on the ledger. I read the article and saw PJ's name on it," Martin said.

"What that family has done for this school and what this school has done for that family I would be shocked if they would do anything that goes against the integrity, the values that Ray Tanner and Harris Pastides and this university stands for. I would be shocked, or else he wouldn't come to school here. They know it first hand. I'm sure PJ is going to have his moment where he speaks publicly. I can tell you he's crushed that his name has been drug into this nonsense. I'll be surprised if he's in the middle of any of this stuff."

He was also asked about his assistant coach, Chuck Martin, and the reporting that he dealt with agents while on staff at Indiana.

"When you have good players on your team like they had at Indiana, you know who calls the assistant coaches every single day of the week? What are you supposed to do" Say, 'Hey don't ever call me again?' and hang up on the guy? No, that's not how it works," Frank Martin said. "As an assistant I took calls from a gazillion agents because it's part of your job. Head coaches don't want to talk to agents in the middle of the season. Chuck is a man of family, a man of value, a man of character. Oklahoma city wouldn't have hire him, Tom Crean wouldn't have hired him, and I wouldn't have hired him if he has a shady reputation. Chuck's a good man. Chuck is not in the middle of this in any way, shape or form."

Martin made it clear that he says South Carolina's basketball program under his direction and way of business is clean.

"We're not a corrupt business," Martin said. "We went to the Final Four last year. I'm telling you, we're clean. Do I make mistakes, yeah. But I conduct business the right way."

USC athletics director Ray Tanner issued a brief statement on Friday after the release of the report.

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